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FitnessView - Apple Health & Activity dashboard


Get a different view of your Apple Health and Activity data with daily, weekly, monthly & yearly dashboards. Share your progress, reach your goals!

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NoteFolio - passcode protect your notes and folders


Private, simple note organizer. Passcode protect your notes and folders. Available on iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac.
End to End encrypted.

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Calory - Simple calorie tracker counter


A simple calorie counter that helps you track what you eat so you stay on top of your weight goal.

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WaterMidner - daily hydration tracker


Track your daily water intake and achieve your hydration goals with a simple tap!

WaterMinder Editors' Choice

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HabitMinder - change your habits, changer your life


Change your habits, change your life! The ultimate habit tracker for your daily routines.

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3 Wins - track your achievements

3 Wins

Appreciate your daily achievements with some confetti!

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Orbs - countdown timers


Quick & simple countdown timers for your everyday use.

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